Are you Kirsty Eagar, the Australian who has written several popular novels?

Nope! I started game writing, poetry, and scholarly writing before I knew there was an author out there with such a similar name to mine. My married name is Kristy Eagar, and some of my pieces are out there under that name. From now forward, however, I'm writing my fiction, nonfiction, and poetry under my full maiden name, Kristy Anne Cox, to avoid confusion and legal complications.

Why do you wear scarves over your hair? Is it religious? Cancer?

I cover my hair because I have Trichotillomania, and therefore not much hair, depending on the month. It's not cancer, it's not contagious, and it's not religious or cultural.

How can you be bisexual and Mormon?

I'm monogamous and happily married to a man, and I've never dated any women because I have chosen to live by the tenets of Mormonism. It's a complicated and touchy subject, but there are lots of LGBTQIA Mormons and LGBTQIA Post-Mormons. We often have trouble fitting into both communities, because of the complicated way these two identities intersect, but we exist.

What happened to your wheelchair?

My disabilities are largely invisible, such as OCD/OCPD, Depression, and an Anxiety Disorder. They also include a compromised immune system, chronic kidney infections, bleeding issues, and a tendency towards debilitating anemia. When I can't walk more than a few steps at a time or stand for very long, I'll be in a wheelchair. When I can walk, I don't bring one along. On a related note, floral perfumes, hay, mold, Melaleuca Products, fragrances (except food-based ones), and strong body odors trigger migraines and sometimes severe asthma for me. If a strong odor is present in a room, that room is inaccessible for me. Food based scents are all fine so far.

Where can I find your work?

On my Published Works page, you'll find some links! I'm just beginning to submit my work, so the list is short right now.

What Professional Services do you offer?

Right now I'm busy with school and writing, but I do editing exchanges with a few other writers, and I have limited availability as a sensitivity reader for people writing Mormon characters, female characters, bisexual characters, and Disabled characters with PTSD, OCD, OCPD, Depression, Body Dysmorphia, Trichotillomania, Anxiety disorders, and characters dealing with suicide ideation or hospitalization. I'm most interested in exchanging work with writers who might be good sensitivity readers for me. Beyond that, I'm limiting my editing exchanges to people in my writing groups or people I've already committed to, due to time constraints.

What kind of Sensitivity Readers are you looking for?

I'm currently looking for Indigenous and/or multi-racial Hawaiian readers ( or other Pacific Islanders) who are scholars, editors, writers, part of the literature community, or well-versed in the social activism issues unique to their communities. Also those familiar with the mo'olelo and other sacred traditions and stories, who would be willing to help me identify any changes I need to make to avoid doing harm to their communities. I'd be willing to exchange editing services or pay for your work, whichever you prefer (budget depending), and I will not use your name in connection with my project without your explicit permission. My mistakes are mine to own and address. I'll be coming out to Hawaii sometime in the next year to do some research and look for sensitivity readers at the local universities.

What are you working on right now?

As the thesis project of my MFA, I'm redrafting from scratch a YA Fantasy novel that I'm calling an "Island Eco-Renaissance" story, but you could also classify it as anti-colonial second-world retrofuturism fantasy. This story is primarily a YA coming of age quest with strong fantasy, romance, and worldbuilding elements, set against a world war taking place in the 15th century as a fictional island empire conquers the whole world to unite it as one. The empire is utopic in intention and distopic in execution, and the alternate earth is much like ours in language and land formations. As I'm world-building this fictional otherworld empire, I'm drawing on Black Panther's Wakanda, Nisi Shawls Everfair, and Ursula K Le Guinn 's Earthsea as mentor texts, and attempting to put into practice the methodology of the book Writing the Other, by Nisi Shawl and Cynthia Ward. The theoretical section of my thesis also deals with Archipelagic theory, Indigenous Pacific Island thinkers, Cyborg Theory, Assemblage Theory, and Intersectionality in conversation with Anti-colonial Steampunk, Retrofuturism, and Anti-colonial Epic Fantasy.

What Cons will you be at this year?

I will be attending ICFA, WIFYR, and WISCON every year I can. WorldCon and the Writing Excuses Retreat are future possibilities. I will be adding a con schedule link on the main page to see, hopefully soon!