Frequently Asked Questions

Are you Kirsty Eagar, the Australian who has written several popular novels?

Nope! I started game writing, poetry, and scholarly writing before I knew there was an author out there with such a similar name to mine. My married name is Kristy Eagar. I write my fiction, nonfiction, and poetry under my full maiden name, Kristy Anne Cox, to avoid confusion and legal complications. Also, serial killers always have three names, mwah ha ha!

Why do you wear scarves over your hair? Is it religious? Cancer?

I cover my hair because I have Trichotillomania, and therefore not much hair, depending on the month. It's not cancer, it's not contagious, and it's not religious or cultural.

How can you be bisexual and Mormon?

I'm Post-Mormon now, but I still very much culturally identify with my Mormon roots. Here's my previous answer to this question!

I'm monogamous and happily married to a man, and I've never dated any women because I have chosen to live by the tenets of Mormonism. It's a complicated and touchy subject, but there are lots of LGBTQIA Mormons and LGBTQIA Post-Mormons. We often have trouble fitting into both communities, because of the complicated way these two identities intersect, but we exist.

What happened to your wheelchair/walker/cane?

Some of my disabilities are visible, and others are invisible. OCD is probably my most Disabling impairment, but I have an array of psychiatric diagnoses. I'm also recovering from a migraine-related brain injury, and I regularly experience Hemiplegic Migraines. I have limited mobility in my knees, and impaired vision. I have trouble with stairs, especially going down, and I rely on elevators. I experience sporadic episodes of cognitive impairment and other stroke symptoms, like right side weakness. So, this means that sometimes I need a wheelchair, other times a walker, sometimes canes, and sometimes, no mobility device at all! When I can walk, I often bring along my walker anyway, because I cannot predict when I will suddenly need it.

Neuro issues and the Hemiplegic issues make some hand-eye coordination tasks difficult for me, along with some manageable memory issues and partial face blindness. If I don't recognize you, I may be struggling to make out facial features on that day, just remind me who you are!

I know, it's a lot. That's not even a full list!

On a related note, floral perfumes, hay, mold, Melaleuca Products, fragrances (except food-based ones), and strong body odors trigger migraines and sometimes severe asthma for me. If a strong odor is present in a room, that room is inaccessible for me. Food based scents are all fine so far.

Where can I find your work?

On my Published Works page, you'll find some links!

What Professional Services do you offer?

Right now I'm focused on writing, not sensitivity reading or editing.

What are you working on right now?

I'm writing so many things at once! Fiction, nonfiction, poetry, creepy letters to mail to my husband as if they came from outside the house, accessible social justice resources, secret mass effect fanfic!

What Cons will you be at this year?

I will be attending ICFA and WISCON every year I can. Hoping to attend more, as my health and budget allow, but those two ones are my home conventions.