Writing While Disabled

Hello my friends of the writerly, editorial, scholarly, fannish, and all other creative sorts!

Here's the link to my first Writing While Disabled interview, now live on the Strange Horizons website! Our editor for this piece is the talented Gautam Bhatia, whom I very much enjoyed working with.

I would love it if you could share this link widely!  It would also be really neat if you could engage with the interview by resharing it on social media with a comment including the #WritingWhileDisabled  hashtag! You can tag us authors or the magazine with our twitter handles: @strangehorizons, @kristyannecox, and @nisishawl

With this series, I'm hoping to start a conversation among disabled creatives about how we go about getting our creative work done while impaired by our various disabilities. I'd love to hear about your favorite accommodations, about your disabled writing methodology, about your struggles and challenges as a disabled writer, or just what you loved most out of all the brilliant things Nisi said in our interview!

I also would love to see all the emotional support pets that help you get your work done, if you see fit to share pet pictures with your #WritingWhileDisabled posts.

More interviews to come in the future!

Writing While Disabled
So the only advice I have is to find people that you like hanging out with and bring up the subject, because not everybody is out about their disabilities, right? So you would miss those people if …